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Adv. Robson Paul

Dr.George Varghese

DR.Paul Kallukkaran

A.V.Jose Alukka

V.V Joseph

Madhu Chirakkal P

Vinayakumar. P.K
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Denny Joseph Paul
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Dr. Syju George

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Chako Chakola
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Babu M.V
Vice President
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Sethunath T.R
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Amjad Zaheer V.K
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Advi. Committee Members

Bobby Paul


A brief history of the Kinattingal Tennis Academy and Sports Complex

The concept of the Trichur Tennis Trust took root in Dr.Varghese Paul's mind when he was president of the T.D.L.T.A in 1980. It became his dream and obsession, which later was translated into reality. The name Tennis Trust was adopted by Dr.Varghese Paul when he saw a poster at the venue of the All Kerala Paediatric Conference, which mentioned Paediatric Brain Trust. He presented the idea of a Tennis Trust at a dinner meeting of the Banerji Club during the time of "fellowship". Many came forward promising donations; some made the promise in a lighter vein. The promises collected that day amounted to Rs. 62,000.

Dr.Varghese Paul called a press conference the next day and announced the idea of starting Tennis Trust in Trichur. He also gave the names of those who had promised donations. Those who had earlier given their names light heartedly after their initial reluctance honoured their promises. The following categories of membership were envisaged.

The Tennis Trust was registered as a Charitable Society on October, 4th 1980.
1 Life Member Those who Paid Rs.500
2 Promoter Those who paid Rs.1000
3 Patron Those who Paid Rs.5000
4 Major Patron  
a Shri.Jose K. Francis, Kinattingal House paid
Rs. 1 lakh – Chief Patron
b Late Shri. Thommy Chakola paid
Rs.50,000 - Major Patron
c Shri. C.C.Jose paid Rs.25,000 - Major Patron
d Mar Thimothies Charities, Trichur paid
Rs. 20,000 - Major Patron


Thommy Chakola
Our Founder Member Sri.Thommy Chakola who has worked hard for the betterment of Trichur Tennis Trust departed from us for heavenly abode.Members of Trichur Tennis Trust, Kinattingal Tennis Academy and sports Complex pray to god that his soul may rest in peace.
The ten members who signed the Memorandum of Association were

1 Shri.Jose K. Francis
2 Shri. Thommy Chakola
3 Shri. C.C.Jose
4 Dr.Varghese Paul
5 Dr. Paul Kallukkaran
6 Shri. K.D. Paul
7 Shri. V. Parasuram
8 Shri. Joy Kavalakkat
9 Shri. Porinchu Padikkala
10 Shri. V. Sukumara Menon

The constitution of the Trust was formulated by the following people:-

Late Adv. Puzhan kara Balanarayanan , Chartered Accountant ant Shri . Pankajakshan , Dr1

Kurian Manavalan, Dr. Varghese Paul

During the first General Body Meeting of the Trichur Tennis Trust the following were

Unanimously elected as office bearers:-

President : Dr. Varghese Paul

Vice President : Dr. Paul Kallukkaran

Secretary : Shri. K.D. Paul

Treasurer : Shri. V. Parasuram

Within a short time of starting the Trust, we were lucky to get the tax exemption under section 80G of Income-tax Act for the members who donated money to the Trust.

Initial Activities of the Trichur Tennis Trust

1 . To support the T.D.L.T.A for organizing the annual Trichur District Tennis Tournament.

2. To organize an annual tennis coaching camp for young boys and girls.

3. To organize an annual All India Tennis Tournaments for the Kinattingal Gold Cup.

4. Supported financially the International Satellite Tennis Tournament organized by K.L.TPA, under the convenorship of Prof. T.D. Francis in January, 1985.

In 1985, Dr. Varghese Paul voluntarily retired as President of the Trichur Trust on the principle that nobody should indefinitely continue in office but should give opportunity to others to show their initiative and ability. Dr. Paul Kallukkaran was elected as President and Shri. K.D. Paul was re-elected as Secretary. Shri. V. Parasuram who had contributed so much to the formation ofthe Trust passed away in 1986 and Shri. 0.1. Thomas replaced him as Treasurer.

In 1991 , Dr. Varghese Paul and Shri. A.P. Manoharan were elected to the Managing Committee.

President : Shri. Jose K Francis

Vice President : Dr. Somasunderam

Secretary : Dr. Varghese Paul

Joint Secretary : Shri. A.P. Manoharan

Treasurer : Shri. K.R. Kurian

on 02-01 -1 993 as requested by Dr. Varghese Paul, a Special General Body Meeting was convened to amend the constitution. He felt that the time had come to amend the constitution to empower the Tennis Trust to buy land, make new tennis courts, construct buildings and expand its activities. For this purpose he suggested the formation of a new wing called Tennis Academy and Sports Complex. It was decided that any person who donate Rs.. 2 Lakhs would be accepted as Chairman of the Complex. It was decided to have 3 MajorDonors, one for the Club Building, one for the.. Indoor Tennis CourL and one for the Indoor Shuttle Courts. All the clauses were unanimously passed by the General Body. Mr. Jose K Francis who came forward promising Rs.2 Lakhs and also Rs.1 0 Lakhs for the Club Building was accepted as Chairman of the Complex and Major Donor for the Club Building. It was also decided to give his family name ‘Kinattingal’ to the complex and it would be called Trichur Tennis Trust and Kinattingal Tennis Academy and Sports Complex. Mr. A.V. Jose (Alukkas) who had promised Rs. Five Lakhs Eighty thousand rupees and who paid an initial amount as advance was accepted as a Major Donor for the Indoor Tennis Court. Dr. Varghese Paul paid Rs. 1 .25 Lakhs and was accepted as the Major Donor for the Indoor Shuttle Court. Major Donor T.L. Ouseph has paid Rs. 1 2,00,000 and accepted as a major donor for the Indoor Swimming Pool. Mathew Chakola who has promised Rs. 12 Lakhs is accepted as a Major Donor for the hail on the 2nd floor of the club building.

The initial donation required for becoming a member of the Tennis Academy was Rs. 8000. Founder members were given a concesional rate to become members of the Tennis Academy and Sports Complex as well. Subsequently during the following years the donation amount for life membership was raised periodically to Rs.20,000 to Rs.40,000 and Rs.60,000. The donation for ordinary membership now stands at Rs.30,000. In I 994, Elite Gardenia was accepted as a Corporate Body Member with sixty of its inmates.

During these years we bought land at various stages depending on the financial position.

Details of Land Acquisition ‘

1 70 Cents - 11-06-1 993
2 30 Cents - 28-09-1993
3 8 Cents - 26-02-1994
4 18 Cents - 26-05-1994
5 16 Cents - 25-02-1995
6 15 Cents - 11-05-1995
7 30 Cents - 21-05-1 996
8 28 Cents - 28-06-1 997

There is an interesting story regarding the last two purchases. Dr. Varghese Paul and Shri. K.R. Kurian signed a contract to buy adjacent land at a high price to be paid when the money became available. Meanwhile on a rainy day Dr. Varghese Paul saw cultivation activities going on, on the other side of the canal. He felt that it might be possible to buy this land andmerge it with the club land by means of a bridge over the canal. On questioning he found that the cultivator was one of the owners of the place who was willing to sell the land at a much lower price. He put forward two conditions:

1 . He would sell it only as one piece

2. There were 8 other heirs all of whom were at disagreement with each other. These heirs had to agree to the sale.

Dr. Varghese Paul went to the locality and met a prominent popular person of that area who brought them together and negotiated the deal. But as the trust had money only for 30 Cents out of the 58 Cents1 30 Cents was bought in the name of the Trust and the remaining 28 Cents was bought by Dr. Varghese Paul and his cousin and transferred to the Trust after one year at the original price without accepting interest for the money or registration fee.

In 1 997, Hi-Tech Agri was given the contract to beautify the premises.

Shri. Bobby Paul who had donated Rs.1 Lakh was admitted as an advisory committee member.

On 1 5-01 -2000 the Indoor Stadium was Inaugurated by the All India Tennis Association President Shri. Khanna. There was an exhibition match in which Indian Davis Cup Captain Ramesh Krishnan and other reputed tennis players participated. The credit for organising this inaugural function as a grand one goes to Prof. T.D. Francis.

On 29-01 -2000 Shri. Basanth the District Judge inaugurated the Indoor Badminton Court.

We had applied for financial assistance from the Central Government to help for the construction of the Indoor Stadium. On 07-1 0-2000 we received the happy news that the Central Government had granted Rs. 20 Lakhs which had to be handed over to us through the State Government. Thanks are due to Shri. David K Manavalan, lAS who was Secretary in the Human Resources Ministry of the Central Government.

We were on the look out for a Major Donor for the construction of the Swimming Pool. Dr. George Varghese introduced Mr. T.L. Ouseph Tharakan, Pattathayil House, Koonammoochy to Dr. Varghese Paul. The latter asked him to be a Major Donor for the construction of the Indoor Swimming Pool. Though initially reluctant, after a few visits of the office bearers Mr. T.L. Ouseph agreed to be a Major Donor.

In 2001 , Dr. Varghese Paul resigned as Secretary and Mr. Varghese Cheeran was elected in his place. Meanwhile Mr. Ramkumar’s grandson of Shri. B. Anantharaman donated Rs. 50,000 to illuminate one of the clay courts to commemorate the memory of his grandfather.

In 2004, Shri. Jose K Francis resigned as the President of the Tennis Trust. Shri. Varghese Cheeran was elected in his place and Shri. Chacko Chakola was elected as Secretary.

On .1 7-01 -2007 Shri. Varghese Cheeran retired from the Presidentship and Shri. Chacko Chakola was elected as President and Lt.CoI. Antony Manjaly (Retd) was elected as Secretary.

When Dr. Varghese Paul visited the U.S he met Shri. Mathew (Babu) Chakola an industrialist originally belonging to Trichur. He requested him to give a donation to commemorate his father late Chakola Devassy. As this idea was supported by his brothers Dr. varghese Chakola, Shri. Tony Chakola and Shri. Chacko Chakola he readily agreed to donate Rs.12 Lakhs for this purpose. The hall on the 2nd Floor at the Club Building which can accommodate about 800 people is being constructed utilizing this amount and will be named after late Shri. Chakola Devassy.

On 08-01-2005 the Club Building was inaugurated by the Hon. Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly Shri. Therambil Ramakrishnan. On the same day Shri. Dominic, Minister of Sports, Government of Kerala inaugurated the Indoor Swimming Pool.

The dynamic combination of President Chacko Chakola and Secretary Lt.Col. Antony Manjaly (Rtd) supported by Shri. Sanhl Chacko (Engineer) has resulted in adding various significant amenities to the Club. A full-ledged restaurant and provision for billards etc. are available in the club. A conference hall with the capacity of 800 is the added attraction. Six attractively furnished AC rooms are available for accommodating guests. We are already affiliated to Mundakayam Club and the Trivandrum Tennis Club.

History of Trichur Tennis Trust will be incomplete if I don’t mention the yeoman services rendered by Dr. Varghese Paul. Trichur Tennis Trust is the brainchild of Dr. Varghese Paul. The idea of setting it up was conceived and nurLured by him. Armed with his untiring enthusiasm and fortified by his hardwork Dr. Varghese Paul has built up this institution. He is an inspiration to other members of the club. A doctor by profession, he diagnoses the problems quickly and rectifies it within no time.

With the whole hearted effort of all the members of the Club and the support of the public of Trichur I am sure that this Club will progress from strength to strength. It is not yet time to be complacent. As the poet Robert Frost said “.............. I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep”.


Dr. Varghese Paul 1980-1985 (Founder President)
Dr. Paul Kallukaran 1985-1993
Shri. Jose K Francis 1993-2005
Shri. Varghese Cheeran 2005-2007
Shri. Chako Chakola 2007 Onwards



Shri. K.D. Paul 1980-1993
Dr. Varghese Paul 1993-2001
Shri. Varghese Cheeran 2001 -2005
Shri. Chako Chakola 2005-2007
Lt.Col. Antony Manjaly (Rtd) 2007 Onwards

Names to be remembered with gratitude for help rendered to the Academy during various stages of its development.

1 . Shri. Therambil Ramakrishnan

2. Shri. Rajeev Sadanandan (Secretary, Govt. of Kerala)

3. Dr. D. Babu Paul (Secretary, Govt. of Korala)

4. Shri. Bharat Bhooshan (Secretary, Govt. of Kerala)


Late Shri. V. Parasuram - activity supported the Tennis Trust from its infancy till he passed away in 1986.

Late Shri. K.D. Paul - acted as Secretary for 1 3 years and gave stability to the Trust. Late Shri. 0.1. Thomas - acted as an efficient Treasurer for many years.

Shri. A.P. Manoharan - contributed to the progress of the Trust in various ways as Joint Convenor. Helped in selecting the site, fitting the land and constructing the Tennis Courts both Outdoor and Indoor.

Shri. T.D. Francis for organizing the inaugurration of the indoor Stadium in a grand way. Shri. KR. Kurian who acted as Treasurer for a long time and contributed much for the progress of the Trust.

There are so many other members, engineers and managers who also contributed for the growth of Tennis Trust. For want of space I am not able to mention the names of all. I thank them all for their valuable contribution.


Mr. Varghese Cheeran

Past President



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