Greetings from Trichur Tennis Trust, Kinattingal Tennis and Sports Academy!


My connection with this wonderful establishment began in 1998 as a life member. I was elected Secretary for the 2009-2010 term and was fortunate enough to hold office until the 2012-2013 term. Prior to my term as Secretary the club was predominantly a sports facility with Tennis and Shuttle Badminton being the only sports which were actively played and practiced in the premises although the clubhouse had been constructed during the tenure of Mr. Jecko Chakola and Col. Antony Manjaly. Later on, Adv. M.H Muhammed Basheer (erstwhile Secretary) and Dr.George Varghese (erstwhile President) made imperative and influential contributions to the club and through their meticulous planning laid down the foundation for its transformation. It was after their tenure that I took over as Secretary. Mr. T.P Rajaram (an accomplished Tennis player who has represented India in several veteran Tennis tournaments) was the President and Mr.K.V Babu and Mr. T.R Sethunath were co-office bearers during my initial term. However, I am proud and honoured to state that, during my tenure as the Secretary I was able to introduce and bring about significant developments at the club, which if not for the help, support and cooperation of my fellow office bearers would never have been possible.


During my first year as Secretary in 2009, the club decided to set up a spacious and well equipped gym. This marked and triggered the onset of a new era of development and growth for the club. After much collective effort and thought, the club received requisite sanctions from the Government of Kerala to open and run a permit room now named as “TOP SPIN”, in the premises. Following this, the Chakola Devassy Memorial Hall was majorly renovated and its seating capacity was considerably increased. Though the club has had an indoor synthetic Tennis court since January, 2000, an open synthetic Tennis court was not anywhere to be seen in Trichur District until the club, under my anchorage decided to construct two new synthetic Tennis courts on its front side by spending as much as Rs. 55,00,000/-.


It is my pleasure to announce to you all that I have been re-elected as Secretary in November, 2018 and now as a second term beckons, I look forward to taking the club to greater heights with more zeal and grit than ever before. For starters, I saw to it that the Sree Chithra State Tennis Championships were brought back to Trichur after several years. The Tennis Trust successfully hosted the same in May, 2019 in grand fashion. As regards the future of the club, the committee has decided to purchase 80 cents of land adjoining the back side of the club and the negotiation talks and processes in lieu of the same are already underway.


The club currently boasts of a 1300 plus membership strength. It is also home to a wide array of extensive sporting and recreational facilities. As of today, the club shares affiliations with 120 other clubs situated across the country, thereby ensuring to the best extent possible that its members are made to feel at home wherever they go.


Adv. Robson Paul

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